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Professional Pet Grooming Services

Complete grooming services for your dog keeps him clean and feeling frisky. Any cut and style are available for all breeds as well.

Here at Perk's, we offer complete bathing and grooming services for your pet. Our groomer has 20+ years of experience, 15 of which here with us. All breeds are welcome. We offer standard breed-clips as well as custom clips for those people who know exactly what they want done. We will be glad to work with you and your pet to be sure that you get the best grooming services available. We also offer medicated baths for those dogs with dry, itchy skin as well as flea and tick treatments if needed. It is important for you and your pet to get familiar with the groomer so that both of you are at ease and feel comfortable with the grooming process.

Happy Dog After a Bath

Sometimes all the groomers can do is cut the hair short and start the coat all over. This process is called a "Take Down" or "Kennel Clip," and is necessary when the dog's hair becomes too matted to brush out. By taking the hair down to about a half inch all over, it allows for a fresh start of the new coat and also keeps the animal cool in warm temperatures and stops pesky shedding. If you would like to set up a regular grooming schedule, we will be glad to discuss it with you and can even send you a reminder via e-mail or regular mail. Please let us know if we can be of service to you- your pet is very important to us at Perk's!

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If you would like to have your dog groomed, it is necessary for you to make an appointment with us in advance. All you need to do is call as early as a day before you want it done unless it is around a major holiday. Please call at least three days before your appointment, and we will make your reservation. The day of the grooming, please bring in the dog in the morning between 7 AM and 11 AM and specify with the person who checks you in exactly what you want done, or give us your number and we will have the groomer call you and you can explain directly to her.

All breeds are different in many ways, so the rates for grooming vary from the size of the dog to how long the hair is and what condition the coat is in. If you are a new customer, or if you are just curious to see our rates for each breed, give us a call at
(901) 754-5956.

We take pride here at Perk's in requiring above standard grooming. Our groomer works one on one with each pet and the advantage is that the pet and customer get to know the groomer, therefore making everyone more comfortable and making the process simpler. We ask your patience with the grooming process, because if given time, a better quality job is done.

  • • Shampoos 
  • • Cuts 
  • • Nail Trims 
  • • Customized Clips 

Take Down: Cut coat to ½" for long-coated breeds to cut down shedding and keep them cool in the summer.

Bring your pet to our boarding facility in Cordova, Tennessee, for a safe and secure place to board your dog and cat at a reasonable price.